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"Considering the sea of online guitar info out there, it's reassuring to have someone watching over your musical progress."

- David Augustin

Lessons for Teens

Lessons for Teens

"Ridiculously good lessons."

Your vision.  Your playlist.  Your songs – this is all about you. 


I’ll help you get where you’re going, whether it's to rock the campfire, write you own songs, or play in a band.  I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again --  with you.  Think of me as your producer and you are the artist.  I’ll get the music that’s in you - out there!

Online learning can be great, but it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed and hit a wall.  People who are the best at what they do, always have coaches to help get them there.


- Trevor Lang, Cartoon Lizard

Augustin Band Camp alumnus

Photo by Timothy Nguyen

Lessons for Adults

Brian Christensen, former student

"David taught me guitar for 5 years, from my introduction to the instrument to my entrance into a post-secondary music program.

What really makes David stand out is the care with which he treats every lesson. He is completely tuned in to each student's short- and long-term goals and tailors every single session to build toward them."

jena gogo1.jpg

Jena Gogo, Blue Sky Miners

"David takes such great care to listen to what it is specifically that I want to work on - no matter how specific. 

I strongly recommend taking lessons with this fun, talented, patient, very capable and caring fella! "

mait lando.jpg

Mait Lando, former student

"I not only improved greatly, it was amazingly fun. I still own a Star Trek telephone I got from Dave.

Top shelf teacher and a top shelf man."

Lessons for Adults

“Unleash your inner

Jimi, Jimmy, Joni, James, Jim...”


- Ian Farish - high school band teacher, husband, father of 5, solo artist, former student

You grew up at the exact right time for what is now known as the “classic rock” period and the advent of the “singer/songwriter” genre.  You lived it when it was emerging.  And believe it or not, the younger generations are still embracing this golden period of popular song.


I can’t tell you how many times people come to me saying, “I’ve started and quit so many times, and yet here I am again, because I just can’t walk away from music.”


I’ll pinpoint what and how to practice so you get the best return on your practice time investment.


Dan Christensen, former student

"Any time I have had a question or concern about anything relating to our lessons – content we’re working on, my practice habits, my speed of progress – David has taken such concerns very seriously. Being at a lesson with David I never feel judged, inadequate, pressured, or a low priority, as I have with past teachers."

michael southwell_edited.jpg

Michael Southwell, former student

"I studied with David for several years and found him to be patient, focused on my individual needs and very effective. Highly recommended."


Colin Macleod, former student

"I took lessons from Dave for many years. He is extremely well organized, so every lesson is well-conceived and effective.  He is especially skilled in setting lessons that accurately gauge the level of his students. I learned something useful at every lesson; I was challenged but not overwhelmed."

Info for Parents

Info for Parents

“Teens need accountability!"  

(Don’t we all?)

I’ve worked with many teens over the years and it is my specialty.  I can successfully nurture a teen’s developing individuality and autonomy, through music.  As well, learning an instrument becomes a metaphor for long term goal achievement for your child.  Each practice session is a “brick” towards building something bigger.


Guitar heroes are today’s mythological gods and goddesses.  They inspire kids to do great things themselves.  Being the kid on the bus with the guitar can be more meaningful than you ever might imagine.  Not to mention the confidence one gets from doing something cool in the eyes of one’s peers!

I see my role in your child’s life as much more than just showing them E, A, & D chords.  And I am privileged to have that opportunity.


Photo by Nicola Hestnes


Lonn Friese, proud dad

and high school teacher

"David is a personable, thoughtful, and flexible teacher.  As an educator myself, I recognize quality.  He took my son from being a strict beginner to fronting his own band."

Colin - proud dad - Copy.jpg

Colin Macleod, proud dad

and university prof

"Dave is a brilliant teacher! I, and my (much more musically talented) son took lessons from him for many years. Dave is an extremely nice guy. He's non-judgmental, encouraging and yet can point out errors, flaws and areas for improvement in an honest and constructive fashion."

calvin james.jpg

Calvin James, former student

"Dave gave me confidence in my abilities. He is just a great, humble, down-to-earth guy. He was definitely pivotal in the role music would play in my life. Thanks, Dave!"

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